Back-2-School Bash
August 12, 2017

That's right, school is just around the corner and that means it's time for Rio Christian's 2nd annual BACK-2-SCHOOL BASH. The event will take place on Saturday, August 12th from Noon-2 PM beside the Rio Grande Municupal Building (174 E College St, Rio Grande, OH 45674.) So, come on out for FREE school supplies, games, prizes and fun! if you have any questions contact Rio Christian via the contact page on this website.

Face To Face With The Truth
June 25, 2017

The Truth, it's a funny thing, sometimes we want to know it but other times...well, we just don't want too. Sometimes it's inconvenient, other times we're just too busy for it and there are times when we simply don't know it. We hope you will be here to worship with us as we talk about coming FACE-TO-FACE with the TRUTH and no matter what decision you make about it...your life will be changed forever. 
Hope to see you, your family and friends this Sunday @ 10 AM as we look at biblical characters who came FACE-TO-FACE with the TRUTH. And how that encounter changed their lives forever.